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FREE Monday Evening Group Healing Sessions

FREE Monday Evening Group Healing Sessions

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This free event occurs twice every Monday evening at 6pm and 9pm PST, and is open to all! I recommend this healing and meditation before you get ready for bed or wind down your evening. You can stream the healing on Clubhouse and via Google Meets, and guests are welcome to join by either platform. Donations are accepted, and I also offer Tarot readings after the 9pm mediation for the group and individuals on a donation basis.


-GET COMFY! Sit or lay in a chair, on a couch, on the floor, wherever you can relax and be undisturbed. Maybe light a candle, set the mood lighting, and have some water nearby to stay hydrated. 

-SET THE INTENTION! You get out of a session what you put in! Take a few minutes to ground and center yourself, and call in a healing goal or intention to your mind before the session even starts. This will help the Universe and Spirit Energy to know where and how to share their light best with you.

-BE OPEN TO RECEIVING! Everyone's experience is different, and most people have different experiences from one healing to the next. Whether you 'feel' anything or not, your body and light know what to do, so there is no wrong way to receive energy healing! You CAN’T eff this up! :)


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