Last Prisoner Project

No one Should be in Prison for CANNABIS

High, Liv here!
Thank you for taking the time to be here with me! Throughout the summer and into the fall of 2020, it became increasingly clear that I needed to take action and initiate more acts of social justice in my life. As a white woman operating in the cannabis industry, it is vital that my company's profits help those that have been targeted for cannabis crimes - specifically Black and Lantinx communities - for decades. Whole communities have been torn apart from greed and the villanization of this plant.
I want to have a lasting, positive impact on other human's lives and on this planet. I choose to do that through the incredible power that is within the cannabis plant. As of November 2020, I pledge 20% of all Liv's Leaves LLC sales, not profit, to the Last Prisoner Project, until the last Cannabis prisoner in the US is freed and supported.

I urge you to visit their site and do additional research, but in their own words, a donation to LPP will have huge impacts: 

"Help end the injustice of 40,000+ people in prison for cannabis offenses that are no longer illegal in most states. Even a small donation helps fund our programs that make prisoners "fully free" from prison by going beyond just release. We also fight to clear their records through our "Cannabis Clemency Initiative" and our "Prison To Prosperity" re-entry program helps our constituents to rebuild their lives.We also support cannabis prisoners still incarcerated beyond legal assistance through financial assistance and scholarship programs."

I will be going back to donate amounts for all YTD Sales for 2020. I am proud to be taking action, no matter how small it may be for now, and to help my customers take action themselves! Additionally, and maybe more importantly - we are spreading awareness to friends and family about the travesty that is our for-profit war on drugs in the US, and learning about the abilities of this amazing plant. It is incredibly important that we band together to end the war on drugs, release, educate, and SUPPORT those that have been wrongfully incarcerated, and do right by the families that have been harmfully impacted for decades.

Thank YOU to all those in the Liv's Leaves community that are trying their best to make the world a little bit better each day. Together, we can do ANYTHING!



Please note, Liv's Leaves LLC is not in official partnership with the Last Prisoner Project at this time. 
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