High Friends!

Welcome to Liv's Leaves!

I'm Liv, The High Vibe Psychic Healer.

I use Energy, Sound, Meditation, Yoga, Tarot, Music, and more to make the World a better place, one Vibration at a time.

I host Weed Wellness Days and other DOPE events.

I am a potcast co-host at The High Casserole!

I love teaching on cannabis, hosting online and in-person group energy and sound healings, conducting 1:1 Psychic and Tarot reading sessions, and creating immersive and inclusive community experiences and events.

You can find my most frequent updates on Instagram.

I welcome collaborations with other badass businesses and creators!

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Thank you for supporting Liv's Leaves and being on this wonderful journey with me!

Love, Liv

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Healing Highlights

Living with Leaves and Light

Living with Leaves and Light

The Living with Leaves and Light (LLL) Retreat is Liv's Leave's flagship... 

Pet Healings

Pet Healings

Energy and Lightwork can be done on our furry friends as well...