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Hand-Crafted Resin Artwork

LIVing With Leaves: Cannabis Consulting


I'm Liv, thank you for visiting Liv's Leaves!

Browse the craft jewelry and accessories shop for all of your fashion and stoner accessory needs! I create and pack each custom epoxy resin piece by hand.

LIVing With Leaves is cannabis and hemp education and consulting services for women and elders who want to get comfortable talking about and using legal cannabis and hemp products.

Have questions or want to create a custom order? I'd love to hear from you:



We believe that every BODY can have a balanced and beneficial relationship with cannabis and hemp products.

A few conversations with Liv can help you HELP YOURSELF find that best canna-partnership, and how to ask for it at a legal dispensary near you.

No one Should Be In Prison for Cannabis

As a company operating in the cannabis industry, Liv's Leaves supports cannabis social justice by donating 20% of sales to the Last Prisoner Project.

I appreciate the support of my customers in aiding the expungement and rehabilitation of those that are or have been wrongfully incarcerated for cannabis charges.

We are all responsible to take action to right the wrongs created by the War on Drugs until justice has been served.

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