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Astro-New Year 2024 Vision Board

Astro-New Year 2024 Vision Board

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This 1-hour virtual session is a 1:1 exploration with Liv, where you will craft a custom VISION BOARD creation together based on You, your Astrology, your goals and dreams, and whatever other magic is cultivated and called in during your session!

The Astrological New Year begins with the Spring Equinox and Aries Season! Start your true year off with this grounding and affirming exercise to call in all your visions and dreams for the year.

Liv will begin with a Sound Healing and Tarot and Psychic Reading to set the tone of your vision board and year ahead. Then we will review your planets, houses, and Astrological transits for the year. Finishing up with a personalized, channeled POWER statement for your year, and lastly, go home with a recording of the sesh, and custom-created Vision Board graphics as phone and computer background images to spread your board everywhere you want it. You also get a free 6-month check-in where we can evaluate your board and update as necessary.

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