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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

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I am a Lifelong Tarot Student and offer 45 minute readings, and also offer a special rate reading when you book with any Healing Service.

Tarot is a historical form of divination and cartomancy that can be used to tell the querent information about themselves, their lives, or any particular questions they may wish to have guidance on. Tarot cards do not tell the future. They will help you glean the internal truth about your thoughts and emotions from what is presented to you. This can be a great way to connect with specific Guides or Ancestors or to get an answer from your Highest Self on that burning question you have.

Spread examples or focuses include:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • 6 Months Ahead
  • Love Life
  • Career Path
  • Connection to Guides or Ancestors
  • Areas to Focus on or Release
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