31 Revolutions

31 Revolutions

High! Liv here. I turned 31 yesterday. I was sleeping in a magical treehouse, I got a surprise birthday dinner with friends that love me, my partner treated me again and again, and I got to teach Week 4 of Livin,’ my virtual self-love course. 

This rendition of life at 31 was not something I expected or dreamed up. I feel like I am at the beginning of my life still. The things I’ve learned have only shown me I have SO much more to learn. That I get to keep learning and trying IS the gift. IS the life I’d been waiting for. I can remember being a teenager and wishing to be 30 already. To have my life set and laid out and rolling well on its way down the road. But my life is not a train station destination. It’s the joy of the ride. I am no longer waiting. I am Living. 

The energy of waiting, I release it. The energy of stuck in place, I release it. The energy of not deserving, not worthy, I release it. The energy of lack, I release it. The energy of working hard, I release it. 

I call in abundance of love, of laughter, I claim wealth for myself and family. I claim health. I call in money to circulate, shelter to rest in, and friendships that nourish. I am powerful. I am intelligent. I am capable. I am unstoppable. I am resilient. I am resourceful. I am important. I am Love and I am Loved. 

Wishing this and more for me and for you. 

Love, Liv

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