End of 2023 Love Letter to Liv

End of 2023 Love Letter to Liv

And JUST LIKE THAT. It's been 7 months since a blog post. In that time I've traveled, I've loved new creatures and landscapes, I've made new friends, I've bought new tools for healing, I've gotten angry, sad, and everything in between and around. I've rested. And created. And thought and pondered and schemed and planned. 

I want to make the world a better place. I know the world is not all awful, evil humans doing awful, evil things. And I can prove that to myself every day, by searching for the good. The GOOD. It's in the sunrise and sunset of every single day. It's in the deep breaths of cold and hot air that make me grateful for my lungs. I'm grateful for this body, even though it started to talk back to me very angrily this year that we turned 30. I'm grateful for my mind, my voice. The way I can carry a tune and sing my emotions out loud. 

I'm excited for my future. For the future. For Life. For HERE AND NOW. There is so much hope and despair and human experience to be had on all ends of the spectrum. I get to keep experiencing. I get to keep healing. I get to keep trying and trying and failing and winning and losing and laughing and learning. I am magic. It flows through my veins and fingertips. I create, I call in, I cast off. 

Life is strong in me, and I will expand it. My hair is woven with strands of seawater and my tears taste of the rain. My Soul is light as a cloud and Rainbow colored. I see and keep seeing all sides of my self. I call in abundance, rest, wealth, health, happiness, and more. And all. So I will it, so it shall be.

Wishing you a Revealing and Healing New Year - see you in 2024!

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