Blogging on a Friday

Blogging on a Friday

Hey Guys!

This is my first official blog post! I'm so excited to be able to share this content onto my own platform! 

Let's start with a recap of the day:

I had a lovely yoga session at lunch. I've been going with a co-worker at lunch pretty frequently, which has been wonderful! But today I was alone and it was great to be practicing in a different space than I'm used to. There were several other people in the gym and I was able to tune everyone out and really focus on what I wanted to accomplish. Post-yoga I played around with some of my earrings and office cacti! Had some fun playing with these little guys.

Tomorrow brings my second ever acupuncture visit. My first one was a week ago and I have really noticed some great improvements to my body. A few less aches and pains, and I've been able to deepen some of my stretches and flows - and my favorite thing in the world is seeing small goals being met. Small steps lead to BIG THINGS. 

Also on the topic of small steps - several people received pairs of earrings today and they went over VERY WELL! I also have TWO subscribers to my website!!!!!! This. This is how it starts friends. We are building our future every second of every day! Carpe diem and all that.

See you soon!

Love Liv

Earrings and Cacti

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