Liv stands on a deck looking at a sunset's me!

High and hello dear friends!

I come to you on the day after Thanksgiving, 2022. I come with the intention of reconnecting, repurposing, and renewing the opportunity I see for myself, my future, and the future of the world and the people in it. 

Today I make a pledge with myself to post a blog each week from now until my 30th birthday in February. Ten weeks = ten posts. This is a goal I know I can crush. It will take work, consistency, and dedication that I haven't chosen to give this website, business, or blog in several years. 

I am excited to connect with myself, to sharpen and hone my writing skills, and to share some interesting information and education materials to learn and grow with all of you.

In celebration of  this new goal, I am celebrating all the things that have gotten me here - centering around myself! I am going to go through the other blog posts I've written here - there just so happens to be 10 of them. 10 posts I am going to read, and celebrate their existence. Celebrate the woman who wrote them 3-4 years ago, and celebrate the journey that I have made since then. 

Today, I dedicate myself to MYSELF. My life, my energy, my path is mine alone. I take responsibility for where I go from here on. I determine that I am worthy, that I am valuable, that I may take up space. I demand that I respect myself, my goals, and the work and fun and joy that I have to experience and to give. 

The truly ironic and funny piece is I sit writing this from my grandparent's kitchen - the same place that I created Liv's Leaves from in 2018. Over 4 years ago, something inside of me said 'do it, go for it, create your dreams.' And while I may have gotten distracted along the way, I'm back at it. And when I do look back at those blog posts from 2018, I realize that I've been at it! I've been doing all kinds of work and making all kinds of progress - and even if that progress is not linear, that does not diminish it. Progress is a spiral, a cycle of progression and regression. I am catching the next wave of progress. I am pushing myself forward with the tide. I will not fight it, I will swim and be propelled forward with it. I will float and be delivered to my dream life, dream state, dream reality.

What things are you devoting and dedicating to yourself as we head into Winter dear reader? What past wins are you celebrating, what new vibes are you cultivating, friend? Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself first.


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