Change. Changing. It is all we do.

Managing change.

Accepting change.

Embracing Change.

To stay still is to stay stuck.

Being in change. It is all we ever need to do.

Seeing, noticing, admiring change.

Abundant in change.

In love with Change.

Change is all we are.

Change never halts, even after Death we Change.

To stop it, to loathe it, to fight it - to fight change in this life,

is to be Dead to Life. Dead to You.

Sit with change. Swim with change.

Say kind words to change, appreciate change for what it gives you.

You are Change. You have never been the same person that you were, and you will never be this person again.

Even in this second, this one second - you have changed.

Within that time, millions of cells have died, have been born, have fought and beat disease. 

In one second your brain fires billions of neurons to create electrical pathways within you.

Each time this happens - you are changed. You are no longer you from one second ago - you are You NOW.

Be you, NOW.

Celebrate you, Now!

Now is the only time you get to be and see your authentic self - see who you are.

Love is change, love yourself.

Be change, Be now, Be you.

Love change, Love You.

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Pretty beautiful!

Barbara Nagler

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