I Come From

I Come From

I come from the Mountains, where men walk tall, talk small.

Where antlers and skulls are displayed on both the inside and outside walls.

Where the teacher’s kids become the teachers, and the star athletes become the coaches.

Where being different doesn’t sit well, a house and 2.5 kids should be your only goal.


I come from hard-working Women, tougher than nails and harder than steel...aluminum and lumber that is.

Where feelings aren’t allowed, and the past is kept secret.

Where good grades don’t get celebrated, athletes matter most.

Where even then, you can be a star athlete, but don’t be better than your boyfriend.


I come from Smokey and The Bandit at Christmas.

Where laughing till it hurts was guaranteed, as long as Dad has his purple teeth.

Where the woods were our way to bond, but a daughter just isn’t a son.

Where resentments grow tall as the snow banks without sun.


I come from Big Skies and Clear Waters

Where the eagles and the bears live wild,

Where I grant and receive forgiveness owed,

Where the earth is still precious, and someday I will go home.

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