The Road is Long

The Road is Long


I wanted to start today’s post by saying thank you 🙏 so so so much to those of you reading this and who have reached out in support of my blog and website! It means so much, and kind words go such a long way. You are appreciated 💕💕


So this past weekend, I was asked by a dear friend to star in the music video for his up and coming single ‘Wild’ - DK Lyons. I can’t wait to share the song and the video with the world when the time comes! Now, my acting experience spans all of the one previous movie I made with Derek (DK) in college 😂 and a couple of plays in elementary school, but I feel like a milestone was reached! I not only thought we got some good content for his video - we also shot a lot of great photography of me and my earrings! Shout out to Rikuto and Tyler - they’ll be tagged in my IG photos. 

The difference between taking selfies and having someone take photos of you is nerve wracking . I had no idea how I looked, my hair was EVERYWHERE with the wind, and I was sure my makeup was smudged. But so far, I’ve been stunned by some of the pics I’ve seen! And regardless of how it went, it happened! I can cross ‘first professional shoot’ and ‘star as female lead in a music video’ off my list. I got to fly around in a biplane and ride in a vintage car for an afternoon. Very very casual, as one does. 🤗😂 Expect to see clips of me looking glamorous on the beach and badass in a plane in the near future. 


So now I have all of these recent photos of myself. A drastic change as I have very few full body pictures of myself from the last four years. Until this time last year, when I started working on loving myself and my body for what they were, I rarely liked how the camera captured me. Seeing these images today.. it’s like looking at the best version of’s a me I could ever have imagined myself being.

I am in great shape after making some key changes in my lifestyle in the past year, and seeing photos of myself now, I don’t even recognize that girl. She is lean, petite even - as someone described me the other day for the first time in my life. I’m not sure at what point my mind will reconcile it all together 😂 I’M HOT YOU GUYS! I’ve always felt relatively good about myself but seeing this level of physique is so gratifying. It is satisfying to see these results come about after so much dedication. 


So yes - I look and feel great, but I’m not done. This is not where I call it quits. I want to build back some muscle, get that booty 🍑 back. I want to have well defined arms. And I want to continue to build this lifestyle of clean eating and moving my body on a regulars basis. I’m ready to put a few pounds back on - which means eating more and boosting my metabolism. I’ve just started keeping a food journal to keep myself accountable. I’m two days in...I’m not tracking calories but just making a note, an official record, of what I’m putting into my body. I’m sure it’s good info to have and to build on. 

A year ago...I would not have believed you if you told me I WOULD hit that 60 pound weight loss goal. I was so sure the road ahead was going to be too difficult, going to require too much change. And yet here I am, trying to regain some of that weight 😂 Being consistent, breaking down my bad habits and relationships with food, and still living my life is a constant battle - but I try to look at it as a battle to be won. It’s a battle that I am going to kick ass at! That’s been the key for me - an attitude of ‘I will do this and I can do this, and it’s going to start right here, right now’ over ‘I should do it, I need to do it, I’ll start on Monday..’. 

Take the steps, the smalls steps, that you can manage, and incorporate them fully into your daily life . FULLY. These are lifestyle changes, and they become easier to do and to stay with when you see it as that. Temporary measures are not going to keep me in this bomb body. I will need to stick to everything I’ve learned, and keep learning, for the rest of my life. And I’m ok with that these days ☺️ I’m building a base for myself, a strong sturdy foundation, one that I’m going to build an empire on top of. 🙌🏼

The road ahead is long, but that means there is just that much more time to keep learning and moving! I’m enjoying finding the right balance for me and my body. I’m also enjoying these gawgeous photos of myself 😂 I hope you do too!!

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