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Canna-Coaching - 1hr

Canna-Coaching - 1hr

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We live in a world with an ever-growing cannabis industry, which means more people gain legal access to this plant every day, and collectively we get to discover ways that cannabis and hemp can be incorporated into our modern world, well beyond consumption for recreational purposes. This 1 hour session will allow you to learn, ask questions, and gain a new foundational knowledge on the plant and your current accessibility.

This 'Green Boom' has given us more information on the plant than ever before! Let me help you sift through it to find safe, sustainable products at a legal store near you. If you only have access to hemp products we can discuss the best ways that you can utilize those types of products. We also prioritize ethical and equitable shopping practices and education on social justice and legislation reform in all coaching. Wherever you are in your canna-journey, I'd like to help you grow!

You are never too late to start learning about cannabis and how it can be incorporated into your life. A great place to start before or with booking this session is purchasing my ebook Living WIth Leaves - which can be a great conversation starter in our first session! You can also schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call to see if this service is right for you before committing - either way, I look forward to speaking with you!

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