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Group & Pair Healing

Group & Pair Healing

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This type of healing session is great for a couple or group of people who may be experiencing the same or similar situations and/or emotions at the same time. It can be great for teams, families, and friends to bond, cleanse, and start anew or to connect with passed-on Loved ones.

This 1-hour session will address the key items that you would like to heal in yourself, your life, your emotions and mind. The session may use a range of healing modalities including Archangelic Light, Reiki, Healing Hands, Tarot, and Sound and Crystal Healing as well based on location, connection, and need. You will receive a reading and healing for each person, as well as for the relationship between you.

I often channel Spirit Guides and Loved Ones of the healee(s) during a session. Be open to receiving love from yourself, the Universe, and your Guides. Some people experience tingles, emotions, memories, and other sensations during the healing. The session is done by video call. Energy is able to travel differently than our human bodies so virtual or in person healings and readings both work wonderfully. 

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