Collection: Liv's Leaves: Cannabis Coaching, Careers, and Celebrations

Are you canna-curious?! Curious about using, working, or experiencing modern legal cannabis? I combine my expertise in marketing, education, and events with a decade of personal cannabis consumption, plus 5+ years of professional working experience in the cannabis industry - and just about all of your cannabis bases are covered! I'd love to help you in whatever area of the plant you want to explore.


Living With Leaves is a series of cannabis educational resources through digital, audio, and experiential event channels. My first ebook Living WIth Leaves: A Cannabis Guide, is available for pre-order, and covers the basics of modern cannabis use, historical and social justice information, and tips and tricks for success in your highest endeavors. I will soon offer other resources under this brand, for now you can also book a FREE 15-minute consultation with me to answer any questions you have on how my services can help you.


I want to help the world become more comfortable talking about and using legal cannabis products. Gone are the days of whispering about your usage; today we can be loud and proud (or quiet and confident) in our knowledge about this wonderful plant and the many ways to consume, apply, and talk about it. A great place to start is with my digital booklet 'Living With Leaves', or schedule a FREE 15min Meet & Greet before we move into 1:1 Sessions where I will take you on a personalized immersive journey to learn about the myriad of ways cannabis can be used and incorporated best into your life, with an emphasis on social justice and historical knowledge, customized to your needs and location.

Do YOU want a job in the cannabiz? Are you a great employee or a recent graduate looking to break into the industry? Maybe you just need a green resume refresh to grow your chances of getting hired? With several years of experience as a hiring manager in the cannabis industry, I can help you land that canna-career!


My young life's work has been built on EVENTS EVENTS EVENTS! From New York Comic Con to local grassroots festivals and Farmer's Markets, team building karaoke and munchies, elegant and edible romantic outings, group bonding sessions, canna-tourism guide for an upcoming trip, a celebration of self or connection with your best friends - I'd love to hear your vision and make it come to life! Special rate for my first Canna-Wedding Ceremony booking!



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